The Guatemala Mission Partnership, formed in 2011, is a faith-based organization of the Denver Presbytery.  We are dedicated to providing safe drinking water for Guatemalan communities.

We partner with Living Waters for the World to install water purification systems, train community trainers, and follow up to ensure sustainability.


We install systems that use microfiltration and ozone processes to remove bacteria, chlorine-resistant organisms and other impurities. The system produces up to 300 gallons of purified water per hour. Hands-on training and system manuals for the system operators ensure sustainability.


The community signs a three-year covenant with us that defines responsibilities of each party.  Our on-site business meetings with the leaders include water project management, financial  management, and business practices.


One of the areas where we make the largest impact is by building relationships with the communities that we work with. It is God’s work that we seek to do.  Our goal is to show that God’s love transcends any borders and divisions that may exist between us.


We train local men and women to educate other trainers and the community. The hands-on curriculum includes germs, water-borne illnesses, proper hand washing, and the four uses of pure water.  The children perform skits and songs about clean water and biblical stories on the final day when the water system is celebrated and dedicated.


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