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Total Cost of Complete Standard Ozone System with Spanish Promotional & Educational Materials  $2,410

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Payable to:

Guatemala Mission Partnership

Mail to:

Dennis Jonsrud, GMP Treasurer

c/o First Presbyterian Church of Englewood

3500 S. Logan Street
Englewood CO 80113

Board PVC Fittings Kit w/ Manuals  $335

This Living Waters for the World system is designed to filter and disinfect up  to 300 gallons of water per hour for bottling purposes.  It can serve a community of 300 to 1000 people daily.

Half Horse-power Pump (helps water flow through the system)  $299

Barrel Sand Filter (removes heavy sediment from the water source)  $250

Ozone Spare Parts Kit (ozone kills bacteria, viruses & microorganisms)  $245

In-line Flow Meter  (measures rate that water is processed  $195

Water Field Test Kit w/ Manuals (tests for bacteria)  $127

0.5 Micron Filter - need two (removes 99%+ of harmful bacteria) $116 each

Board to Storage-Tank PVC Fittings Kit  ($113)

Electrical Kit (connects system to power source) $100

Water Meter with Connections (tracks how much water is treated)  $98

5 Micron Filter - need two (removes small contaminates including protozoans)  $80 each

Sediment Filter (removes sand, insects, organic matter from water source)  $80

Churn Kit (PVC pipes to mix ozone with the water)  $56

Big Blue Filter Head & Canister - need two  (holds the micron filters)  $55 each

Brackets for two Big Blue Filters  $25

Water Bottle Seals (pack of 500)  $24

Filter Wrench (loosens the Big Blue canisters when changing filters) $8

Five-Gallon Water Bottles - need 50  (a start-up quantity)  $5 each

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