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Our first water system is installed in the Prince of Peace Church in this small town.  The families in the community and the children in nearby school benefit with healthier lives from the purified water.


To ensure sustainability, we trained church members in system maintenance, micro-business, and health and hygiene.



​This small rural Mayan village is the site of our second system installation.  We supplied the water purification system, water bottles, caps, and seals. The church provided an existing building to house the system. 


The water source for the village and the system is the palm oil plantation and factory.  They allot enough water for the system to supply the 35 families in the community three 5-gallon bottles of purified water per week.  

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This tiny community squatted on private land for many years.  Suddenly they needed to relocate.  The GMP raised money from private donations for a down payment to purchase enough new land for the village, a school, a church, and farm fields.


During our visit, we purchased roofing material of corrugated steel sheets for each of the ten families and several hundred pounds of corn for tortillas until their own corn crop came in.



The GMP provided the materials for this small rural Mayan village to dig a new 15 meter well on church property and to build a 4 x 6 meter water building. The church provided the labor for the well and the building.


The system operators obtained a sanitation license and sell the water to their community and to the larger town across the river at a lower and more affordable price than the commercial water companies.

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The fourth water filtration system is installed at the Presbyterian Complex in Cobán, Alta Verapaz.  Maya Presbyteries from northern Guatemala come to the complex for theological training.


Local families also attend worship services there. The Complex also provides purified water as an outreach program to the local school.

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The women in village were drawing heavy buckets of water from their well for several years. The generator for the water pump was broken.


The church leaders asked for our help.  Our team was able to fix the generator and get the pump working again.  The women are now able to spend more time and energy caring for their home and families. 



The Shalem Church and School in this large town is the site of then fifth system.  We worked with the system operators to assemble the system and connect it to their well.


When the powerful 1-Hp pump brought up sludge, a tech from LWW installed a Barrel Sand Filter to produce sediment-free, purified water!  The teachers from the School were a great help educating the 400 children about germs, hand washing, and the four uses of the clean water. 

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After signing a water covenant with the Light of the World Presbyterian Church in Chisec on September 2018, our team successfully installed the water system in February 2019.


We also visited four existing sites. In Bethania, we removed the system so the water room could be used as school room. The system will be used for spare parts. In Tres Rios, we rewired the electrical panel. In Mercedes Dos, we hooked up a new generator for the water pump. In Coban, we attended worship service and visited with the system operators and water committee.

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The church, Iglesia Asamblea de Dios Peniel, now has a water purification system. Pastor Cristian Oliva is delighted that the system is housed in his small church to provide safe, clean water for the families of the small and remote village Aldea San Francisco.

Pastor Cristian's ministry focus is the feeding program for the hungry children. The blessing of clean safe water is a welcome addition. Proceeds from selling water to the community will enable him to purchase more food to feed the children more frequently.

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