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  Celebrating  Another Clean  Water System!


Another Small  Village    Has  Clean Water Flowing!

Mission Trip - October 16 - 23, 2022

The church, Iglesia Asamblea de Dios Peniel, now has a water purification system! Young and enthusiastic Pastor Cristian Oliva is delighted that the system is housed in his small church to provide safe, clean water for the families of the remote village Aldea San Francisco Milla 45, Morales, Izabal.







Water Purification System Up and Running The system operators assembled the ahead of schedule! Then our team trained them on its day-to-day operation, routine maintenance, trouble shooting, and record keeping. Everyone celebrated with a drink of the clean and safe water on the system dedication day.

Health and Spiritual Education Training Accomplished The health educators received training from our team. Then the educators taught the lessons to the children and adults: handwashing, using the clean water, biblical stories of water, and hands-on activities. The educators have copies of the lessons in Spanish so they can continue training others in the community.

Water Project Management Plans Made The Water Committee was guided by our team to develop a plan for oversight, management, and sustainability of the water project. Plans include: water production and distribution, financial record keeping, ongoing health education and system operations.

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Did You Know These 10 Interesting Facts? 1. It's our 1st water project in this tropical northeastern region near the Caribbean Sea. 2. It's our 1st use of Zoom to meet the pastor and sign the water covenant virtually. 3. Peniel means "face of God" (Genesis 32:24-30) 4. The congregation of Peniel church is approximately 14 adults and many children 8 to 18 years old. 5. Cristian's ministry focus is the feeding program for the hungry children. The blessing of clean safe water is a welcome addition. 6. Proceeds from selling water to the community will enable him to purchase more food to feed the children more frequently. 7. The GMP purchases the water system and educational materials from Living Waters for the World (LWW). 8. LWW in-country staffers Pablo and Luis provide invaluable support to Pastor Cristian, his teams, and the GMP team before, during, and after the mission trip. 9. The GMP shares costs with the church for critical water system parts, supplies, labor, and construction materials. 10. We are grateful for your prayers and support that provide clean water for this and future water projects.

Mission Trip Team - October 2022  

  • Barry Mayhew, Ben Bridge, Marlene Kingsford,

      1st Pres of Englewood

  • Cory Lack, Pres Church of the Covenant

  • Beth Hewlett, Anne Baldrige, Calvary Pres

  • Pablo Siliezar, Luis Rodas, Pablo Maldonado,        Living Waters for the WorldGuatemala (not pictured)

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Sustainability Successes!

Tres Rios, Coban, & Chisec

Here's good news about the three existing water systems! Clean water continues to flow. GMP members Pastor Loye and Jenny Troxler and Barry Mayhew visited the pastors and churches in March 2022 with four purposes:

  1. Building authentic and enduring relationships with the pastors and their teams

  2. Learning their sustainability plans and how we can help

  3. Making water system repairs & replacing parts

  4. Providing LWW educational materials and supplies

Tres Rios (2015) Selling water to the larger town across the river after a two-year hiatus due to COVID restrictions New pastor very interested in sustaining this project

Coban (2016) Producing water after a two-year shut-down due to hurricane flooding and COVID Applying for sanitary license Using LWW mini-manual for the Sunday School curriculum New pastor Nathan & wife Ruth very involved in the project

Mercedes Dos (2017) Generator for water pump donated by GMP still functioning after 3 years, but on "Band-Aids" Funding by the GMP to replace parts

Chisec (2019) Producing and selling water 7 days per week even during the 2 years of COVID Partnering with nearby Presbyterian church that will buy water for the church & village Pastor Marcelino continuing to be actively involved

Photo Feb 03, 10 26 16 AM_edited.jpg

Camotan Clinic Update 


Water System Installation Date To Be Determined

It's all in God's hands and timing! COVID delayed our trip to install the system. And the process to purchase the land and build a new clinic and water system room is taking a while.


Meanwhile Dr. Joel Strohecker keeps his general practice clinic open. He, the volunteer medical teams, nurse, and dentist continue to treat the thousands of patients in the clinic and by house calls to the remote mountain villages.

Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are & What We Do

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