2nd Annual Celebration & Fundraiser - November 7, 2020
It's virtual this year!

Celebrate Virtually  with Us

Two of our water partners

Coban, May 2016

Chisec, February 2019

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For a water purification system for our 7th partner

Camotan Medical Clinic

Serving the small town and mountain villages

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Starting Friday October 30

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Previews of our Video Virtual Fundraiser

Friday Oct 30 - Dr. Joel, Camotan Clinic

Monday Nov 2 - Whitney, Clean Hands & Clean Water

Wednesday Nov 4 - Pastor Loye, Sustaining the Project

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Premier Saturday November 7 at 10:00am



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Congrats Clean Water U Grads!
October 2020

Water Project Management - Cathy

Health & Spiritual Education - Lisa & Yvette

Water System Installation - Loye & Marlene

Five more GMP members are now trained to lead our water mission teams. They attended 4 and a 1/2 days of virtual training classes given by Living Waters for the World. 

Training new and current members ensures that we have a bench-strength of leaders for new water projects and follow-up visits.


A total of 15 members are now Clean Water U graduates. Three of whom are trained in two areas.  Most importantly, all equipped to train our water partners so they can produce clean water for generations.

Our Next Project!

Camotán Clinic

Dr. Joel co-founded the Clinic in the small town of Camotan in 2018.


The Clinic offers primary care from obstetrics and pediatrics to dental care and geriatrics.  His goal is providing health care to the townspeople and the thousands of native people in the mountains above who suffer from extreme poverty.


Dr. Joel has a heart for mission and a passion to heal and serve.  He divides his time between seeing patients every month at the Clinic and practicing as a hospitalist at Lutheran Medical Center in Wheatridge CO.

The installation date is on hold due to the pandemic.  However, Dr. Joel consults from Denver via WhatsApp and continues to send needed medical supplies.

The nurse and dentist continue to be busy seeing patients in the clinic. They also make house calls to the villages in the mountains above the town.

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