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Donations Buy Food

and Supplies

for Needy Families

May 2020

The Guatemalan people in towns and villages are having difficulty getting food due to their extreme poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Their situation is so dire that they signal their need with white flags outside their homes.

In response, the GMP donated $1500 and Partnership member Marsha donated $500 to buy food and supplies for our brothers and sisters in Christ who were in need.

With funds from other donations, 376 food relief packages were delivered to families in the Franja Transversal del Norte Presbytery. We are grateful for the church leaders who drove many miles on dirt roads and crossed the river.


The GMP previously installed water systems in three remote villages of that Presbytery.


Making food & supply relief packages

Waiting for the boat to carry the men and the relief packages across the river 

Off-loading the relief packages to carry to the boat

Mothers distributing relief packages in one of the many villages

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